IND Consulting - the business companion

With the advent of technology, there have been many recent developments in almost every aspect and the prospect of life. From the food sector to the goods sector, technology has been roped in for the lead role everywhere, let alone the pharma sector. In modern times, pharmaceutical facilities have been made widely accessible with online availability of medicines and home delivery facilities and have therefore proved to be a budding investment sector. But before taking any initiative, one always seeks a guide, a mentor who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. IND Consulting has been there to steer the way for the past 60 years for beginners.

All about IND consulting:

IND consulting has been functional for the last 6 decades and helps the start-ups to set up the business successfully and even the well-settled business to plan their expansion, merger and in analyzing their operations and in making essential business decisions related to management, strategy building, technological development, and operational activities. IND Consulting provides Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) in fields of the data-entry solution, medical record maintenance, inventory management, billing, adjudication, and outsourcing and helps their clients being successful health care managers, pharmacists, physicians. 

IND Consulting in Pharma Sector:

IND consulting has a sister concern known as Pharmacy On-Demand Services (PODS), focusing exclusively on the pharmaceutical and medical sector and deploying the top quality, high skilled pharmacists and experts, operating majorly in and across the United States, The Philippines, India, etc. The PODS offers assistance from top-notch pharmaceutical experts, physicians mastering long-term care, hospital services, and retail pharmacy works. The medical staff offered by PODS is of top quality and can assist in any state and cater to the needs of all the pharmaceutical firms, getting rid of the HR hustle and bustle of training and supervising the staff. The POD trainers have years of experience, and the core company has around 50-60 years of experience in the Health Care sector.

PODS advantages:

The POD team provide expert guidance in health care and have the following plus points:

Business Growth - the POD helps the pharmaceutical sectors grow and expand their business by providing them with unique and innovative business solutions and thus, increasing the number of stakeholders and their profits.
Efficient staff - PODS training team trains the entire staff to be efficient and provides them with modern and innovative tailor-made solutions to deal with the challenges instead of providing readymade straitjacket solutions.
Quality service - They provide long-term care and assistance and improve the potential of the staff hence, improving the quality of service provided.


The IND Counselling brings the best possible business solutions meeting the criteria of the business model, minimizing the cost and functions 365 days, 24/7. IND Counselling is yet to improve and achieve milestones as it lacks behind in sectors other than the pharmaceutical industry (PODS).