Google Algorithm updates for Adult Websites

Google has announced a new core update. These algorithm updates are common and Google usually releases one every few months.

Google has announced the Google January 2020 update and warns that there will be changes in the results.

In September 2019, a core update was released that was highly criticized by many Adult SEO experts since it did not bring any substantial change and did not have the same impact on the results as previous updates. In November 2019, another core update was released, but it had an impact only on the local rankings and another during the end of the year although it was not officially confirmed.

Now come a new and as usual in these updates of the core algorithm, Google barely offers information on the changes introduced. Although this time it has issued a warning about the possible negative impact of the update. Google warns that no concrete actions can be taken to prevent or recover a page from impact and that a loss of positioning does not have to be due to a problem on the pages.

How the SEO of an adult site is different from regular website SEO?

Escort Website SEO differs in several ways. Most sites do not allow adult websites to be delivered, and no one wants to connect to adult websites. Also, you can’t find many companies offering SEO services to pornographic or adult websites.

  • Like other niches sites, finding the correct keyword is the most important aspect of adult website SEO. This is done by an Adult SEO marketing company in a perfect way.
  • The searches for videos and images will greatly improve
  • There is no secret that interactions have become increasingly visual.
  • New companies have tried to recognize visual elements within images and videos more precisely, or have tried to improve user interactions with them.

For now, offering you the following recommendations to better position your images:

  • Image filename: The file name becomes part of the URL. Google uses this name to get clues about the subject of the image.
  • Description: Adding a keyword in the image description allows crawlers to better index a web page. Also, it can give you a boost in rankings, making it more relevant for users.
  • Choose the correct file format: Choose a smaller image format, such as JPG, to keep the loading time as fast as possible.


So, we will probably see a great improvement in the sophistication of the visual asset searches. And adult website SEO plays an important role in getting more visitors.